The Cheerleading routine behind the story of Welcome to Mintland.

The friendships, experience and journey of a season will always overshadow the actual results in All Star Cheerleading.

Win or lose, the friendships, struggles, and perseverance are what matter most. The storyline is always surrounded around perfecting one thing. The routine!

While many have read the book or listened to the story via podcast, I am always asked, was the mini team really that good?

Many people ask about the “Stunt of Death” chapter. Many will not notice how dramatic the stunt was in the routine, as by the end of the season it looked flawless. What you need to understand is that the kids were 6,7,8 years old at the time. The process to make the choreographed stunt look flawless took quite a bit of blood, sweat and tears. The coaching had to be incredible to be able to instill that level of trust and consistency within a mini team to pull it off.

So was the routine really that good? I am a little biased, but I certainly think it was. You can certainly judge for yourself. Take a look at the iconic mini routine here 😊.

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